Course description


The goal of this clinically oriented week is to provide intellectual interaction with leading experts, to gather the essential information needed to treat neurological/neurosurgical patients, including traumatic brain injury, subarachnoid haemorrhage and intracranial haemorrhage.

The school target audience includes staff doctors/residents working in ICUs, as well as neurosurgeons and neurologists.

“NeuroIntensive Care: Update 2022”, is the fifth in-person edition of a successful course held aimed at fostering a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach.

The school provides a consistent set of basic knowledge, updated treatment strategies, clinical scenarios, including hands-on simulations, to be used during patient management.

In one week, the participants will be intensively exposed to lectures on topics ranging from basic concepts to monitoring systems and treatment strategies in traumatic and non-traumatic neuro emergencies.

We'll provide students with live lectures made in person by outstanding experts, short, pre-recorded pills to share before the start of the program and live-streaming lectures when needed due to the ongoing pandemic.

This year we will enhance the hands-on sessions, which will take place daily for three hours, interspersed with classroom lectures. The rich hands-on part will cover the neuromonitoring at the bedside (EEG, ICP, PtO2), brain death simulation, transcranial Doppler and cerebral echography.